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Desolation Wilderness - Lake Tahoe, CA - In Panorama

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

I have wanted to do a solo backpacking trip for a long time. Something about being alone in the rugged wilderness has captured my imagination for a while, but I just never made it happen. There were a number of obstacles. For one, it's kinda scary to go into the woods alone, particularly when you have never done it before. But also, it's just hard to get away. Anyway, I finally made it happen and my amazing wife Laura took care of our amazing kids by herself so I could go. As you will see, my trip was absolutely breathtaking. I found myself many times saying out loud to myself, "This ...absolutely ...crazy. This is ... crazy. ...God, this is crazy." I am so thankful for the beauty I got to see. I hope you enjoy these.

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