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Commencement - Jake Emser

So today I graduate. After three years in seminary here in Ashland Ohio, I get to walk across a stage and receive a diploma. But as you all know, graduation day is about much more than a moment in time and a piece of paper. It is about thousands of moments that constitute the full formational experience from a season of life. It is about the beauty and challenges that have come along the way. It is about the launching into a new chapter—now richer because of a past season. Today I celebrate that.

And today, in honor of commencement I’m bringing you a piece of video work done by my friend Jake Emser titled “Commencement.” Jake graduated from Ashland University last year, got married and moved to Dayton Ohio. But during the time we were both in Ashland we got to know each other really well over deep coffee conversations. I was a graduate student mentor in a college ministry Jake was part of and I had the privilege of “mentoring” Jake. But in our conversations I received as much from Jake as he did from me. Jake is deeply thoughtful with wisdom beyond his years. In every setting I’ve seen Jake he is leading and influencing by simply living authentically in his own skin. Coupled with this depth and capacity for influence is a vibrant free spirit that keeps Jake looking for and finding adventure. I’m incredibly proud to call him a friend, and I continually grow in respect for him. I can’t wait to see the direction his path takes.

Jake completed this video around the time of his own graduation about a year ago and I think its amazing. In addition to admiring Jake as young man, I admire his creative work and I’m excited to share it with you. Enjoy this video titled “Commencement” and then take a second to follow this link to Jake’s creative page. You’ll be glad you did.

The picture of Jake I’m sharing here is from an engagement shoot I got to do with Jake and his then fiancé (now wife) Liz. Enjoy!


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